Founded on the idea to go against the flow, resist the norm and refuse to fit into a mold. We are passionate and only roast coffee that we love to drink. We work with industry leaders who only source from sustainable farms throughout the Americas, Africa and Asia. Our blend is ever changing with the seasons and we seize every moment to change things up. This gives us the ability to showcase the different flavours in coffee but also the terroir of a specific region.

Guerrilla Roasters was founded in 2018 by Mathew Hatcher and Lewis McKenzie. We started with the idea of roasting the absolute best coffee we could get our hands on. Every bean we purchase is fully traceable and we only buy from suppliers who work with farmers on sustainability and quality. Our belief is that a great cup of coffee starts on the farm. We strive to visit our partners all over the world to not only follow the bean to cup but also to build lasting relationships between farmers and those tasting the finished product.

Our aim is to lead the way and not conform to what people think we should be. We are a small batch roaster more concerned with quality than being one of the big guys. We want to work with like minded cafe owners who are in it purely for the passion and want a quality product. We roast on the grounds at the Mossy Cafe in Mossy Point, NSW.